Schweißdraht Luisenthal GmbH
Straße des 13. Januar 286
D-66333 Völklingen
Telefon + 49 (0) 68 98 · 879 0
Telefax + 49 (0) 68 98 · 879 211


Bright or copper coated welding wires and wires for thermal spraying as catchweight coils or on big reels as well as spooled on all standard types of spools from diameter 0,80 mm to 5,00 mm.

Copper coated thermal spraying wire for the coating of cylinder bores (CBC) delivered on big reel, barrels as well as spooled on all standard types of spools.
Electrode core wires as fabrication coils or as straightened cutted rods in standard lengths from diameters 1,50 to 5,00 mm.
Bright or copper coated TIG – rods (1000 mm length), if wished marked with stamping from diameters 1,00 mm to 4,00 mm.
Special diameters and special delivery forms are possible in case of demand.