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Corporate policy (quality, environmental protection, energy, industrial safety)


As internationally active steel-drawing company we are convinced that industrial safety, quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential elements for the lasting preservation and developmental capacity of our company and such must thus be integrated in our corporate operations.

The management circle defines the management system within the scope of this integrated manual. All employees are obligated to align their operational activities with the requirements and standards set out in the Integrated Management System Manual and thus implement corporate policy and goals.

Schweißdraht Luisenthal GmbH is aware of its responsibility as regards the vested interests of customers, employees and those in adjacent buildings. It knows that priority is to be given to satisfying the interests of these groups, as well as to meeting contractual and legal requirements.


We advise and support our customers by cooperating with them as partners.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, going beyond that of supplying products that comply with the various standards and technical delivery conditions. Our business planning is directed towards this goal.


Motivated and satisfied employees are the guarantee of our corporate success. We thus ensure that our employees are optimally qualified and encourage them to adhere to the values laid down in our corporate guidelines. The safety and health of our employees is of prime importance to us.

Laws and regulations

We undertake to comply with any legal regulations and requirements pertaining to quality, environmental protection, energy and industrial safety.

Continuous improvement

We improve our products and processes continuously at all levels by pursuing a zero-defect strategy.

We prevent or minimize environmental effects and health and safety risks for its employees by pursuing a preventative policy.
We check our energy consumption to avoid unnecessary cost expenditure and develop activities to improve energy efficiency.
We make sure that measures conform with the best available in technology, industrial medicine and hygiene, as well as other supported findings of ergonomic analysis.
We want to meet market requirements with the utmost operational and economic efficiency.

Conserving resources

We pay special attention to the protection of the environment, the production of environmentally friendly products and the economical use of natural resources, taking economic aspects into consideration.

Provisions for emergencies and hazardous incidents

Providing for emergencies and hazardous incidents and minimizing the effects of such on its own employees, those from other companies and people in the vicinity are an important part of our daily operations.

Internal and external communication

We cultivate a comprehensive and partner-like exchange of information and experience between all interest groups.

Corporate goals

Goals are defined for all areas of operation and all levels. These goals contain parameters that are constantly and continuously evaluated. All employees are informed in full of the corporate goals and results.

The management advices the employees of the corporate policy.