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Corporate policy (quality, environmental protection, energy, industrial safety)


As a globally active company in the field of steel processing, we are convinced that occupational health and safety, quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential pillars for the long-term preservation and development capability of our company and must therefore be integrated into our corporate processes.

Schweißdraht Luisenthal GmbH is aware of its responsibility towards stakeholders such as customers, employees and the public. The highest principles are the satisfaction of these interest groups, as well as the fulfilment of contractual and legal requirements.


We advise and support our customers in a spirit of partnership. The satisfaction of our customers is our main objective beyond the delivery of products in accordance with standards, customer requirements and technical delivery conditions. Our business planning is oriented towards this objective.


Motivated and satisfied employees are the guarantee of our corporate success. We thus ensure that our employees are optimally qualified and encourage them to adhere to the values laid down in our corporate guidelines. The safety and health of our employees is of prime importance to us.

Laws and regulations

We are committed to complying with legal requirements and regulations in the areas of quality, environmental protection, energy and occupational health and safety. We identify and evaluate the binding obligations and expectations of interested parties.

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve our products and processes at all levels in line with a zero-defect strategy.

We avoid or minimise environmental impacts and risks to the safety and health of our employees through prevention.

We control our energy consumption to avoid unnecessary costs and develop activities to improve energy efficiency.

We ensure that measures are in line with the state of the art, occupational medicine and hygiene, as well as other validated occupational science findings.

We want to meet market requiremnts with the greatest possible efficiency and cost effictiviness


We pay increased attention to the protection of the environment, the production of environmentally friendly products and the economical use of natural resources, taking economic aspects into consideration.

Emergency and incident prevention

Emergency and incident prevention and minimising the effects of incidents on employees, employees of partner companies and the neigbourhood are important components of our daily activities.

This also includes information security, which is guaranteed by a company-wide ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Internal and external communication

We maintain a comprehensive and cooperative exchange of information and experience with all stakeholders.

Corporate goals

Targets are set for all functional areas and levels. These targets include metrics that are assessed continuously and on an ongoing basis. All employees are comprehensively informed about the company's goals and results.


The management informs the employees about the company policy.


Within the framework of the Integrated Management Handbook (IMH), the management defines the Integrated Management System. All employees are obliged to align their operational actions with the specifications of the Integrated Management Handbook and thus to implement the corporate policy and goals.