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The code of ethics for the Companies of the SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar


Working together with the Management Board of Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl, and with the agreement of the Works Councils, the executives of SHS have now created a uniform code of ethics for the Companies of the SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar (SHS Group). With this code we seek to manifest in writing our values and our conduct to date, both in our relationships with one another and with our customers and other business partners.

The code of ethics is an essential component of the SHS Group corporate governance concept. The code contains all of the principles and measures that aim to ensure that legal representatives, employees and third parties act in compliance with the rules. As such, it is derived from our internal standards and principles. We have also oriented ourselves in this effort on national and international standards.

Whistleblower system

Compliance with rules, but also the prevention of legal violations is the joint task of all organs and employees of Schweißdraht Luisenthal GmbH. If you would like to support us by providing information about potential misbehavior, you can use the whistleblower system set up specifically for this purpose under the following link: